Hey Everyone!

We’re still taking orders for party bus rental that we plan on taking to our next show for the Halloween party. Some of you may already know, but we are taking a party bus to a private party where we’ll be playing along with six other bands.

The music that will be played will vary from a few different genres, but we can assure you that you’ll appreciate the sounds of these other artists. Music is going to range from psychedelic rock/fusion to a more electronic vibe as the night goes along. We’ll most likely be stepping on stage at about 9:30.

Besides music, we expect the beverages to be flowing, and lots of cool people to mingle with. So, that’s why we are renting a party bus and wanted to make an announcement so that we can verify our headcount.

Depending on how many people get accounted for, we can get another bus if we’re over our limit. It’s looking like we’ll have a 30 person bus and the company that we called has another 20 passenger bus. The best part about the party bus is we can all pre-game safely without having to drive, while all still being together. Our pick up will be in Newark, New Jersey, and the venue will be about an hour away.

So back to the event.

Again this party is on private property. The host told us that it will be at an old warehouse and will be decorated for Halloween. So make sure that you dress up! And don’t forget to invite some friends. New people are always welcome. We’re expecting there to be over 300 people, so this will not be a small party by any means.

Oh yeah (almost forgot), the bus should come to about $50 ahead. Tips, tools, and ice are included. The driver will park outside the venue and will allow us to hang out and rest on the bus if anyone desires. We’ve got a good 6-hour special, and if we go over that limit, then the owner said not to worry, “he’ll hook us up.”

Make sure to bring some booze for the bus ride. We’re going to get this party started early!